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Arietta from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Arietta was born in October 2005 and lived with her birth family until March 2014. She was then moved into a foster home where she has resided ever since. She is a typically developing girl who has been diagnosed with bronchial asthma with predominantly allergic component. Arietta is a calm, sociable and well-intentioned teen who easily communicates and interacts with peers and adults. She maintains friendships and shows respect toward others. Despite a delay in fine motor skills, Arietta is on target academically and shows stable attention and focus for completing activities. She has good sensory, short and long-term memory and can quickly reproduce mastered information. Her thinking is coherent, logical and independent with a productive imagination. She is purposeful and enjoys appropriate self-esteem. Arietta needs a family that can help her improve her own emotional well-being and develop personal interests that can guide her future. She has a positive outlook on adoption.
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