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Calvin from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Calvin is a healthy, typically developing boy who was born in November 2003. He has been diagnosed with epilepsy; however he has not had a seizure in the past four and a half years, since living in his current foster home. Calvin is a warm, respectful boy who has many friends and does not involve himself in conflict. He communicates very well and can easily lead a conversation. Calvin shows a clear attachment to his foster mom. He willingly helps with household chores and never refuses a task that she presents to him. An 8th grade student in 2017/2018, Calvin likes school and achieves good marks. He excels in biology and chemistry while his most difficult subject is math. He has started learning English this year. Calvin enjoys playing active games with his peers, especially soccer and table tennis and he loves animals. He has a positive view of adoption and looks forward to having a forever family.