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Enzo from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Sweet Enzo was born in August 2005. He is a very healthy boy with diagnoses of moderate cognitive delay, mixed disorder of scholastic skills, hypermetropia in both eyes, and amblyopia of the left eye. Update Jan 2019: Enzo was placed in a foster home in January 2018 when the institution where he had been living was closed. Since then he has made noticeable progress in several areas. The clarity of his speech has improved, he is more relaxed, overall, and he is beginning to develop self-esteem. Enzo is still a kind, radiant, and respectful boy who strongly desires a forever family. Both our in-country representative and Enzo’s social worker feel that he has a great deal of potential and would clearly benefit from the chance to become a cherished son in a permanent family environment. May 2017: Enzo is a gentle, compassionate boy who is described as a “little sunshine”. He strives to please, is well-accepted by his peers and has many friends. Enzo prefers quiet games over active sports and enjoys playing independently, as well as with children. He is attentive to others’ needs and shows gratitude for even the smallest of gifts. Enzo understands what is said to him and communicates well with others despite somewhat unclear speech. His difficulties with articulation are most noticeable when he is nervous. Enzo shows good practical intelligence and enjoys learning new things. He struggles with focus, abstract concepts, and memorization. He is in 5th grade in the 2016/2017 school year where he receives assistance from a resource teacher. He has been making slow but steady progress. Enzo manages his personal hygiene with reminders and has appropriate self-service skills. He enjoys playing with toy cars and watching cartoons on TV. Enzo yearns to be adopted and to have a family of his own.