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Finnick from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Healthy, typically developing Finnick was born in June 2005. He has been living in an orphanage for the past 5 years after enduring neglect and hardship in the home of his birth family. In spite of his difficult start in life he is a bright, kind, and responsible boy who has a clear desire to be adopted into a forever family. Finnick is a good-hearted teen who although shy at first, communicates well with peers and adults. He sees others’ needs and is quick to lend a hand and share what he has. Finnick has formed an attachment to one of the orphanage caretakers whom he willingly assists with cleaning, cooking, and gardening, often taking on additional responsibilities of his own accord. He has a circle of friends but can be easily influenced and taken advantage of due to his tendency to conform to the group. Finnick is a diligent, respectful 8th grade student who shows interest and ability and has successfully overcome his academic gaps. He is an eager participant in extracurricular activities and events at school and at his orphanage. Finnick enjoys taking walks with friends, playing soccer, listening to music, and watching action movies.
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