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Geoffrey from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Geoffrey was born prematurely from an unmonitored pregnancy in January 2017. He has been diagnosed with a congenital malformation syndrome predominantly affecting the facial area and significant delays in development. Geoffrey has frequent respiratory infections. He has a family history of cognitive delay and has been living in an orphanage since a few months after birth. Geoffrey is a cute, calm little boy who shows interest in his surroundings. He tracks moving objects and reacts to sounds, focusing his gaze and attention on musical toys or on adults who are speaking to him. He reacts positively to attention, often smiling and laughing when teased. Geoffrey has good head and upper body control, and when placed in a seated position, can remain upright for a long period of time. He is very close to being able to roll over from back to front on his own. Geoffrey does not react to his name and does not appear to understand what is said to him. He vocalizes quiet guttural sounds and, as yet, does not attempt to imitate others’ speech. Geoffrey currently works with a physical therapist and a psychologist. He is spoon-fed and swallows slowly and with some difficulty. Geoffrey’s caregivers share that he has been making slow but steady developmental progress. This sweet boy needs a family who can offer him the affection, individual attention, and resources he needs to thrive. Weight at Birth: 2.350 kg Height at Birth: 46 cm Weight Sept 2019: 11.200 kg Height Sept 2019: 86 cm