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Ingo from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Isadora and Ingo are healthy siblings born in March 2006 and February 2008, respectively. The children were raised by their biological father and extended family until February 2016 at which point their father asked the state to take them into care due to the family’s homelessness and poverty. Despite these challenges, the children attended school from a young age where they learned their country’s predominant language while speaking a different language at home. After seven months in a group home, Isadora and Ingo moved into a foster family where they continue to live today. Isadora and Ingo are closely attached to one another and must be adopted together. Isadora states that her brother is everything to her even though he can be a pest sometimes. Update December 2020: Isadora and Ingo are continuing to do well and currently live together in a group home. INGO now attends 8th grade as a mainstream student at a Technical High School. He needs some ongoing academic support, but the intellect, memory, attention and perceptions are well-developed in this calm, social and helpful boy. Ingo seeks the support of adults to resolve conflicts and aggression is not typical for him. Ingo is active and would much rather spend time with peers than be alone in his room. ISADORA is described as a radiant teen who is emotionally well-regulated and communicative. She attends high school where she receives support in the subjects that are more challenging for her. Isadora enjoys interacting with adults, peers, and younger children and gladly participates in social events. She also loves to go for walks in nature. Both children want to be adopted together. February 2020: ISADORA is an interactive, positive teen who appears to be respectful and charming. Her development is on target for her age, including steady attention and concentration as well as a rich imagination. She is a seventh grade student with average scholastic performance. Her favorite subject is art. Isadora receives some tutoring after school to help with mastery of the more difficult subjects. She enjoys going to the movies, taking walks, hanging out with friends, and playing pool. She needs firmer boundaries and more guidance from adults as she enters into her own adulthood. INGO is a friendly boy who started school early and, like his sister, is currently in seventh grade which places him two years ahead of same age peers. He is an average student and requires the help of a resource teacher to tackle challenging academic tasks. Ingo speaks with a lisp and has difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, but does not have access to speech therapy services. Due to his speech differences, he has experienced bullying. Ingo exhibits some aggression at school and works with a psychologist to address this issue. However, his isolated episodes of insecurity and hyperactivity have been professionally assessed and do not necessitate treatment at this point. Ingo loves to be active and enjoys playing soccer, watching cartoons, helping in the foster family’s garden, and spending time with his many friends. While the foster family takes relatively good care of these siblings, they are not encouraging the children to prepare for success in the future and to envision all that they can achieve in their lives. In turn, Isadora and Ingo are keenly aware that the foster family does not mean permanence and both yearn for a forever home where they will find stability, security, and love. Both children have social and academic gaps to overcome, but they dream of the day that a mom and dad will help them reach their full potential.
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