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Ruby from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Ruby was born in July 2011. She has been diagnosed with congenital cataracts, convergent strabismus, astigmatism, and moderate cognitive delays. During her four years in a foster home, Ruby showed developmental progress and had a clear attachment to her foster mother whom she would seek for comfort when upset. In late 2019 Ruby was transferred to a group home for children with disabilities. Despite having several diagnoses regarding her vision, Ruby does not appear to be limited by her eyesight when wearing her corrective glasses. She walks, jumps, runs, climbs stairs, can throw and catch a ball, and enthusiastically participates in sports and physical therapy exercises. She can complete larger piece puzzles and build towers of several blocks. Ruby follows instructions although she may need them to be repeated a few times. She vocalizes words, phrases, and simple sentences, and her speech is comprehensible except when she is very excited. Ruby is an inquisitive, social girl who readily explores her environment and shows an interest in new people, objects, and situations. She enjoys listening to music, watching videos, having her picture taken, and playing dress-up. Ruby struggles with attention span and focus, moving quickly from activity to activity. While most often a cheerful child, when frustrated, Ruby may show aggression and self-aggression. She has a history of some stereotypic behaviors which have lessened in frequency. Ruby eats, drinks, and brushes her teeth independently and dresses/undresses with assistance. She wears diapers but announces her physiological needs. During the 2019/2020 school year Ruby was in the 1st grade at a specialized school for children with vision impairment where she worked under an individualized education program.
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