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Tanzie from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Tanzie was born in March 2016 with symptoms of a maternal-fetal infection. She has been diagnosed with dysmorphic facial features, bilateral strabismus, and moderate to severe cognitive delays. Tanzie has had multiple evaluations and tests which have ruled out potential diagnoses of congenital TORCH infection, congenital metabolic disease, and brain anomalies. Her karyotype is normal (46,XX). Further genetic testing via analysis for microdeletion syndromes is planned. Tanzie sits unsupported, stands and walks independently with some instability, and climbs up and down stairs while holding the railing. Her hand-eye coordination has improved and she can throw a ball as well as purposefully grasp, examine, and transfer toys from hand to hand. Tanzie reacts to loud sounds and follows bright, moving objects. She vocalizes syllables and does so near constantly when alone, however she lacks receptive or expressive language skills at this time. The professionals who work with Tanzie have noted that she exhibits symptoms congruent with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but a formal evaluation has not been initiated due to her young age. Tanzie makes infrequent eye contact and does not show interest in the activities of others around her. She does not distinguish familiar from unfamiliar voices or show emotional attachment to any specific adult. At times she will isolate herself. Tanzie exhibits repetitive behaviors such as thumb sucking, examining her hands, rocking, and sticking and unsticking the Velcro on her shoe. When awake she is typically occupied with some type of object, running her finger over a doll or putting together and pulling apart construction blocks. Tanzie is spoon-fed and eats well, often exploring her food with her hands. Weight at Birth: 3.400 kg Height at Birth: 50 cm Weight June 2018: 13.800 kg Height June 2018: 93 cm