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Dennis from California



from California

Dennis is a wonderful bright young child. He can be talkative and friendly with everyone at times. He loves playing video games on his PS4 to entertain himself during down times. He also has a lot of energy and loves to play and watch soccer games on TV. His favorite team is Barcelona. One of his favorite things is going out to eat. When it comes to music, he loves ‘old school rap’. He likes to learn about worldly topics where he will listen to documentaries. Dennis has his challenges in school and is receiving extra services to learn to be more in control of his behavior and to improve his grades. He also utilizes counseling services to work on building up his communication skills so that he can express himself in a socially acceptable manner. He still hasn’t given it much thought as to what he would like to be when he grows up. but he thinks it will be something exciting and something that he will really enjoy doing. Their future family should be skilled and experienced in parenting children with aggressive behaviors. These boys need a local family who will be open to ongoing contact with birth relatives. These two brothers have a strong bond and are hoping that they will grow up together in a family that they can call their own. If you would like to adopt these wonderful siblings, please let us know.
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