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Eddie from California



from California

Eddie is a bright, energetic, friendly child. He likes engaging in play, be it with his sister or by himself. He has a good rapport with everyone in the home. He enjoys playing a video game called ‘Hello Neighbor’, watching his favorite shows on TV and playing on the Nintendo DS. Eddie is a true animal lover and enjoys playing with the dog, teaching the parrot new words and caring for his turtles. Eddie also enjoys being in the kitchen and proudly says that he already knows how to cook beans, tortillas, scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs. His favorite food is Méxican tostadas with beans, cheese and lettuce. Eddie takes pride in being bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently. Eddie is doing well in school and has applied himself to do better, especially in math. He likes going to school and enjoys reading at school and home. He has a small library of books in his room, so that he can just go and pull out a book whenever he wants to read. Eddie and his sister Gina have a very strong connection with their maternal grandparents and would like to be adopted by a family that will allow them to maintain regular contact.
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