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Elissa from California



from California

Elissa is 16 years of age. Elissa's race is Latino, and Elissa will join an adoptive family as a single child. She is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. Her CKC reference number is 502850. Note: No permission is granted to copy or reproduce any text or photographs used in this profile without the written permission of California Kids Connection. Elissa is an endearing young lady who is delightful to be around. Elissa is very responsive to attention and really lights up when being spoken to or having her picture taken. Elissa has no verbal language, but is able express a range of emotions and will smile and laugh. Elissa really enjoys music from the television or radio and likes to have books read to her. She also likes being taken outside for walks in her wheelchair. When she cries, music and being talked to usually calms her quickly. Elissa moves around a lot even though she is physically compromised, and she does need help repositioning her head to a more comfortable position at times. Elissa eats only through her G-tube and reportedly sleeps well at night and at nap time. Elissa does need supervision and assistance with many of life’s tasks. And while Elissa shows a fondness for stuffed animals, she prefers to be around people and most everyone who spends much time around her ends up enchanted by Elissa. If you believe your family has the capabilities to meet Elissa’s needs and wish to learn more about adopting Elissa, please let us know.
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