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Erianya from California



from California

Erianya is described as sweet and quiet. She is initially reserved when meeting new people but will open up once she gets to know you. Erianya is known to have a quirky sense of humor and will laugh at things that are out of the ordinary. She also likes “to be in the know” and does well in a structured environment where everything is said upfront. She can be very vocal and at times struggles with peer relationships. With a structured and nurturing environment, she is learning to manage her feelings.

Erianya does well academically with special instruction and hopes to one day to become a police officer. Like most girls her age, Erianya takes great pride in her appearance. She is especially focused on her hair, and tries really hard to get it just so… Erianya likes reading and writing poetry. Who knows, she just might be the next Maya Angelou! She also likes Gospel Music and attending church services.