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Graciela from California



from California

This is Gracie, a lovable and adorable little girl waiting for a forever home. Despite having to deal with life’s daily challenges, Gracie always greets everyone with a smile. She exudes a huge sense of calmness and happiness. Although Gracie is very medically challenged, she is alert and has some cognitive abilities. She makes facial gestures to express herself and she recognizes people who cares for her. She loves holding onto her toys and especially enjoys watching a rolling ball. Gracie thrives during music time and brightens up with all kinds of tunes. Gracie attends special school and does well. Gracie also loves human interactions and other people. One of her favorite pastimes is watching cartoons in the company of her friends. Gracie receives services from Regional Center; such as physical and occupational therapy. Like everyone else, this little one deserves a chance to live with a family that will understand her needs and that will provide her with unconditional TLC. Is this your family? If you are interested to learn more about this little angel, please let us know.
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