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Jacob from California



from California

Jacob is a happy child with a bright smile. He is a smart, funny kid and a lot of fun to be around. He has a great imagination and expresses his creativity by building Legos. Jacob would spend all his free time in doing so if he could. He also enjoys spending time and participating in activities at church. Jacob is mature for his age, but like many children, he loves outings, whether it is a simple walk at the park, or a shopping trip to the mall.

Jacob is described as very intelligent by the teachers, but his challenging behaviors often get in the way of his learning. His favorite subject is math and he is starting to learn how it can help with building other things. He receives extra services at school to help him to focus and to follow instructions.

If you would like to provide a stable and loving family for Jacob, and have a clear understanding of mental health diagnosis and or behavioral issues, please submit an inquiry.

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