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Jarkies from California



from California

Jarkies is 10 years of age. Jarkies's race is African-American, and Jarkies is one of two to be placed together for adoption. He is a dependent of Los Angeles County - Placement & Recruitment Unit. His CKC reference number is 502476. Jarkies is a happy and outgoing boy. He is very active and is always busy doing something. He has a good relationship with peers. He likes to help around the house such as cleaning his room, folding his clothes or cleaning up the table after meals. He loves art and can spend a good period of time just drawing whatever he envisions in his mind. He also enjoys building things with LEGOs and playing video games on the phone. He is doing well in school academically. His favorite subject is Math. He often writes for pleasure. Jarkies utilizes counseling services to learn to take responsibilities for his actions and to recognize triggers to his challenging behaviors. Jarkies reportedly responds well to redirection. Jarkies needs a patient and loving family who will be able to redirect his behaviors when needed. He needs a family who will also adopt his brother. Jarkies needs a family who will maintain birth family connections with his birth mother and siblings. Sib: Marquel
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