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Jemariah from California



from California

Jemariah is a great kid with a happy demeanor. He is very active and requires a great deal of support and supervision. Jemariah enjoys all kinds of food, especially tacos, salad, and cheez-its. He loves the outdoors and likes to strut his skills with a basketball. Jemariah is in good health. He likes to dress presentably and is always very tidy and organized. He is considerate and kind with other children his age. He often uses a whisper or low tone of voice to get his thoughts across and makes his needs known through short sentences. He receives services from Regional Center and is learning to express himself and communicate with words. He can follow directions on a one-on-one level. Jemariah loves to color and greatly enjoys being read to. Jemariah can thrive in a supportive environment with structure and stimulation. He needs a family that understands his challenges and is able to advocate for him. If you are this family, please submit an inquiry.
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