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Jeramiah from California



from California

Jemariah is a great kid with a happy demeanor. Her is very active and does very well with plenty support. Jemariah enjoys all kinds of food, especially pizza, pasta, and fruits. He loves the outdoors and likes to toss the ball around and play catch. Jemariah is diagnosed with Autism and is receiving services. He is learning to express himself and is able to communicate with some words. Although he usually likes to play solo, he will occasionally join other children in play; however he is primarily more interested in being around adults. Jemariah is in good health, and is able to perform basic self-care. Jemariah loves the “Shrek” movies and sings along or talk with the characters while it plays. Jemariah is a child who can thrive in a supportive environment with structure and stimulation. He can follow directions on a one-to-one level. He needs a family that understands his challenges and is able to advocate for him.