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Jonathan from California



from California

Meet Jonathan, he is a pleasure to be around. There is something in his eyes that tells you a deep story. Jonathan shows a connection to people by giving hugs and being overall very loving. He becomes animated when he listens to music and his mood is at his best. His favorite pastime is playing with his toy cars. Jonathan is also tech savvy and likes to tinker with games on his tablet. He is described as being a very bright young man. His favorite food in the whole world is hotdogs. Swimming all day would make his day. Jonathan has a lot of high energy and sometimes require supervision and redirection to help him stay on task. He does best in a very structured environment where he knows all the routines. He requires some assistance with self regulation. He utilizes special services to learn how to say single words to relay his needs. Jonathan is a boy that needs routine and consistency in his life. He also has seasonal allergies which limits his activities in the outdoor. If you are interested in providing a permanent home for Jonathan, please let us know.
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