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Justin from California



from California

Justin is a happy and active child. He communicates well and is able to express himself with ease. Justin does well in a structured environment and can easily be redirected when things get off task. Academically, Justin enjoys attending school and does his best with supportive services. Justin likes to play basketball, football and track. He also enjoys going on outings to the beach and the bowling lanes.

Justin is not all go, go, go… He also enjoys the likes of quieter activities such as watching movies, coloring and reading books. Justin is learning to deal with past trauma and so an adoptive family that can provide appropriate boundaries for him is important. He is also learning to manage challenging behaviors.

He has experienced lots of loss and does well when he is reassured of his safety and stability. He has a longing and desire to be a part of a family, and is very deserving of permanency.

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