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Kimari from California



from California

Kimari is a friendly young man with a big, bright, happy smile. Kimari is described as a creative and adventurous youngster. Like most teenagers his age, he really enjoys playing video games, going to the movies and hanging out with his friends when possible, or just riding his bike. He likes pets, playing video games and sports, especially basketball. His favorite foods are pizza and salad.

At school Kimari gets assistance with his school work and managing his behavior. He is conscientious about his needs and challenges. He states that he wants to do better academically and is working on improving his grades. He is also working hard to adjust to following rules. Kimari is making progress.

Kimari is looking for a family to call his own; a family that would embrace his whole person with respect. He hopes that his adoptive family will be supportive of his ongoing relationship with his siblings and his maternal aunt. A family who maintains his visits with family is ideal.

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