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Pharell from California



from California

Pharell is 11 years of age. Pharell's race is African-American, and Pharell is one of three to be placed together for adoption. He is a dependent of Fresno County Dept. of Social Services. His CKC reference number is 502260. Pharell is the eldest of a sibling set of three brothers who are seeking permanency. He is an active child who loves playing football with his brothers! His favorite movies are The Grinch and Captain Underpants. Pharell is developmentally on track and is able to verbalize his wants and needs effectively. He is described as a helpful child who looks after his brothers, such as helping them tie their shoes or work on their homework. The ideal family will be patient and willing to work with the boys on their various behaviors. The boys will likely need more supportive services, thus, the care providers should have the flexibility in their schedule to accommodate their ongoing needs. Since the boys need a lot of one-on-one attention, having younger children already in the home would not be ideal. The boys will do well in a nurturing and structured environment with parents who will be consistent. To see siblings, click on their names: Patrick (ID: 502261) Payton (ID: 502262)