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Daniela from Colombia



from Colombia

Daniela is the middle child of three siblings who hope to be adopted together. She is enrolled in third grade. Daniela has disruptive behavior and impulse control disorders. She has a difficult time controlling her impulses and enters dissociative states. These episodes have reduced however there are moments when they reappear. Medically she is healthy! Daniela is an affectionate girl with the people she considers she can trust, especially her siblings. With both her older sister and younger brother she is protective and affectionate. She looks after them and expresses the willingness to do anything for them. Daniela likes attention from authority figures and seek approval from them whenever possible. She is quite independent though she likes to know that there are people who care and are paying attention to what she is doing. Daniela has a creative imagination and enjoys role playing with her brother and dolls. She also likes to do sports and be as active as possible. Daniela can be incredibly sweet and thoughtful with the people she cares for and this is seen in her ability to empathize.
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