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Kyle from Colombia



from Colombia

Kyle is the youngest of three siblings who hope to be adopted together. He is currently in first grade. Kyle is diagnosed with an elimination disorder; he presents encopresis without an evident cause. He also has disruptive behavior and impulse control disorder where he presents outbursts of extreme emotions without control leading to disruptive behaviors. In terms of general health, he has warts around his body for which he is taking medication and receiving control. Kyle is a boy who struggles to show affection but when he does, it is sincere and genuine. He follows his sisters’s lead though he likes to think his actions are independent to theirs. He looks up to them and loves them greatly. Kyle is an active boy who is always looking for something to explore. He is curious about the world around him and is constantly asking questions. Kyle lives with his eyes searching for something new to discover in his surroundings. He likes to play with legos because they allow him to be creative and build new things each time he takes them out. He is very sociable and is able to quickly connect to people he is meeting for the first time.
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