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Stacy from Colombia



from Colombia

Stacy is dependent of others in some basic activities however when she is explained what to do she is able to complete the task at hand. She presents spinocerebellar type ataxic gait. Playing and spending time alone is not difficult for Stacy, she enjoys it. Stacy has a hard time sleeping most nights and does not have control of sphincter. Stacy has delayed language development, therefore, communicates best through signs and signaling. This makes her facial expressions her main way to communicate. With her nonverbal tendencies in mind and well as other conditions, she has been diagnosed with a delay in psychomotor development, developmental delay due to malnourishment, mild hearing loss in her right ear, and Epilepsia (no convulsions presented recently). Stacy is an affectionate girl who loves to give and receive hugs. She is always seen with a smile and is easily entertained. She likes to paint and play even if it is alone; she is a very active child. She will take initiative in most situations if play is involved. Stacy likes to listen to infantile music and watching animated shows. She is observant of the world around her and is curious to know more.
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