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Kiran from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Kiran is a healthy, typically developing boy who was born in July 2004. He spent time living with members of his biological family and in multiple institutional settings and has endured neglect and abuse. Kiran wears glasses for myopia and has a history of tuberculosis of the tracheobronchial lymph nodes.

Kiran is a curious, social boy who has well-developed gross motor and fine motor skills. He enjoys communicating with others and eagerly discusses his experiences and interests. Kiran is a conscientious student who completed 6th grade in 2016/2017. He loves school, completes his homework without prompting, and asks for help when needed. Kiran likes History and is an avid reader.

When placed at his current orphanage Kiran had speech difficulties, most of which have resolved in spite of the lack of a speech therapist on staff. He shows some residual struggles with pronunciation of specific sounds, which is something that can be resolved with proper therapy. Kiran has friends, including a best friend, and generally interacts very well with others, although he does not always respect his peers which can lead to conflict. He loves to draw, watch cartoons, play on the computer, rollerblade and play ball.

Kiran has a good understanding of adoption and expresses a strong desire to have a family of his own.

Weight June 2017: 28 kg Height June 2017: 136 cm


Disclaimer: This information has been provided to Hopscotch from various sources such as foreign doctors, orphanage directors, nannies, ministry officials, foundation representatives, attorneys and translators. If you have any questions regarding the information stated in the children’s reports, please consult with your International Adoption specialist. Hopscotch cannot attest to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Information can change over time as children develop or through human error in recording data.

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