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Lucia from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Lucia was born in July 2007. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy, for which she takes medication, and an unspecified congenital malformation syndrome, predominantly affecting facial appearance. For the first 7 years of her life, Lucia lived with her biological parents where she endured abuse and neglect.

Lucia is a bright and friendly girl with well-developed short term and long term memory, a vivid imagination, and good concentration and focus. She follows the rules and understands the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Lucia willingly initiates contact with others and communicates well with proper articulation. She loves affection and has formed an attachment to her foster parents.

Lucia strives to always be the center of attention and will do whatever she can to keep the focus on her. She enjoys play, cooperates in group games, and likes to take care of children who are younger than she is. Lucia’s peers often ridicule her, unfortunately, and she struggles to make friends. She loves to draw and color, solve puzzles, sing, dance, and watch TV.

Lucia reads and writes well, loves books, and retells stories accurately and with emotion. She has some difficulty acquiring new material and receives support from a resource teacher in 4th grade. She also works with a psychologist who is helping her process her personal history. Lucia maintains her hygiene with prompting from adults.

Lucia expresses a clear desire to be adopted. She needs an experienced family who can offer her safety, acceptance, love, and the resources needed to overcome her traumatic history.

Weight Dec 2017: 36 kg Height Dec 2017: 145 cm


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