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Robert from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Brothers Richard and Robert were born in April 2005 and July 2007, respectively. Both are healthy and developmentally on target though Robert’s physical size is two standard deviations below the norm. Both boys lived with her birth family until 2011 at which time they were taken into state care due to neglect. Update April 2018: A cheerful, talkative boy, Robert loves getting to know new people. While Richard can be the more serious of the duo, taking on a protective older brother role, he also has a great sense of humor. Our in-country representative reports that their warm and loving bond was evident. Given their difficult past, Robert is fearful of the unknown and wants to feel safe and secure. Both boys desire a forever family but would like to meet their potential adoptive parents first to be sure that they are kind and loving people who will take good care of them. 2017: Richard is an energetic, boisterous, and talkative preteen who has completed fifth grade in a mainstream classroom where he received good grades. He can read and consistently reproduce the content of what he has read, but needs to catch up a little in math. His favorite subjects are science and social studies. Richard has normal cognitive abilities, but struggles a bit with focus and attention. He has a productive imagination and uses it to invent games and tell stories. His vocabulary and communication skills are well developed. Richard understands and follows the rules, but may get involved in conflicts with his peers from time to time. He is interested in animals, crafts, ball games and computers. Though competitive, he's not a sore loser. Younger brother Robert has completed third grade in a mainstream classroom where he is keen on succeeding and does well. He shows proper cognitive abilities, good focus and memory, and a lot of creativity. He can read and reproduce what he has read. He draws well and needs a little help with multiplication and division. Robert likes playing with other children and enjoys games. He rarely gets involved in conflicts and usually follows the rules and daily routines. He is happy when he receives praise from others. This lively, outgoing, well-intentioned boy has a wide variety of interests, including soccer, applied arts, singing, cartoons, computers, and fairy tales. He loves to be outdoors. These handsome brothers have a positive view of adoption and would simply thrive in a loving and supportive family. Richard Weight December 2017: 45 kg Richard Height December 2017: 155 cm Robert Weight December 2017: 26 kg Robert Height December 2017: 131 cm
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