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Samara from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Samara was born in September 2009. She has been diagnosed with hyperkinetic behavioral disorder and moderate cognitive delays. Samara experienced severe neglect when living with her biological family. Since placement with a foster family in 2014 she has made notable progress in all areas.

Samara is a friendly, affectionate girl who loves attention and desires to make others happy by doing things correctly. She loves playing with children, and although she may not understand the rules of group games, she participates by imitating others. Samara enjoys listening to music and dancing.

Samara’s attention span is unstable and she has difficulty concentrating for more than several minutes. She walks and runs, albeit clumsily, often falling or running into objects and has difficulty orienting her body in space. She has poor hand-eye coordination and her fine motor skills are underdeveloped. When placed with her foster family Samara spoke only a few words in a regional dialect and none in her native language but she now initiates conversations and speaks in simple sentences. Samara memorizes the lyrics of children’s songs and short poems but struggles to remember letters and numbers. She uses utensils appropriately, dresses and undresses independently, and does her best to comply with other hygiene habits. Samara attends school with a resource teacher.

This sweet girl would benefit immensely from the individualized attention, structure and nurture a forever family environment could provide.

Weight Aug 2017: 37 kg Height Aug 2017: 130 cm


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