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Adora from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Andrew, Abram and Adora were born in April 2006, April 2007, and November 2010, respectively. This trio is clinically healthy and has been in state care since September 2013. Even though the children do not live in the same foster home, efforts have recently been increased to fortify their sibling connection and prepare them for international adoption into the same family. While they may squabble with one another, Andrew and Abram are protective of Adora and all three children enjoy spending time together and talking on the phone. As the oldest of the three, mature ANDREW remembers most from the time in their family of origin where he was taking care of his little sister. His mild delays are thought to be caused by social and pedagogic neglect in his birth family. Cognitive testing performed in 2020 established a borderline IQ for Andrew, but he reached a higher score in a non-verbal assessment. Despite these results, Andrew shows above average fine motor skills, uses his imagination to address tasks, and skillfully analyzes emotions. Andrew currently attends 8th grade where he struggles to meet the curricular demands. Based on his academic level at the end of fifth grade, Andrew lost access to learning support, which sadly caused his motivation for learning to drop and the scholastic gap to widen between him and his classmates. He is cooperative with his friends and enjoys participating in group activities. Andrew likes to watch superhero movies and wants to be a car mechanic when he grows up. Andrew has a positive view of adoption and his foster family is supportive in preparing him for a possible transition into a permanent family. ABRAM is an expressive and calm teen whose cognitive development is reported to be on target. He has no difficulties mastering the school curriculum and receives good grades. Abram communicates with ease and has many friends. He does not initiate conflicts and is able to handle failure well. Abram likes to play soccer and basketball as well as spend time on the computer. His favorite season is winter because he enjoys sledding, snowball fights, and building snowmen. Abram has seen other children be adopted from his foster home and sometimes loses hope that a family will come for him. Nonetheless, he desires to be adopted and explicitly states that he wants to have siblings. ADORA is a curious, expressive, and open girl with age-appropriate intellectual potential. She speaks with a rich vocabulary and easily makes conversation. A fourth grader who achieves good academic results, Adora has some difficulty with sustained attention and may not always want to complete her assigned work. While she has formed friendships, Adora tends to be domineering with peers and struggles to cope when things do not go her way. Adora enjoys flower gardening, riding her bicycle, and loves animals. Her favorite foods include pancakes and pickles, but she does not care for carrots and broccoli. Adora is securely attached to her elderly foster parents with whom she has lived since toddlerhood. She has a solid understanding of family life and various family constellations. Although she will experience grief at the loss of her foster family, Adora is open to adoption and hopes to be in a family with younger parents in a big home with a garden. She is looking forward to living with siblings and to having the opportunity to take dance classes. Our in-country representative met with these siblings and their social services team who had a lot of good to report about them and who hope they will be internationally adopted. Our representative describes Andrew as serious with a fun side, Abram as goofy and extroverted, and Adora as sweet and gentle. All three children displayed polite manners, a good sense of humor, quick wit, and the potential to thrive in a dedicated adoptive family.
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