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ARDEN from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Acacia, Arden, and Cosmo were born in November 2007, June 2009, and July 2011, respectively. All three are considered healthy and developing well. ACACIA is a calm and radiant teen with a positive attitude. She is currently a seventh grader who attends classes regularly and is very motivated to learn and succeed, despite academic gaps. She receives average grades, and her favorite subjects are art and information technology. Acacia follows the rules at school and at the group home and shows good intellectual abilities as well as concentration and attention. She memorizes and reproduces information and has an excellent imagination. Acacia speaks well in complex sentences and expresses her thoughts and feelings. She recognizes the emotional states of others and responds appropriately to correction. Acacia likes to watch TV, celebrate holidays, and go for walks. She gladly helps with household tasks and has formed selective friendships with peers. ARDEN is a preteen who currently attends fifth grade. Despite some academic gaps that are being addressed through individualized help, Arden is a studious girl who receives good grades and works with diligence and focus. Her thinking is logical, and she can quickly orient herself in new or changing situations and environments. Like her older sister, she communicates easily, enjoys being the center of attention, and has made friends with certain children. A girl full of smiles, Arden likes participating in group activities, such as dodge ball, and is happy to be of help around the center. COSMO is a sociable boy who copes well in third grade. He can read and write as well as solve grade-level math tasks. Despite a slight speech defect, Cosmo communicates with ease and seeks to share both his joys and sorrows with others. He likes playing soccer, watching TV, building with construction toys, and spending time with other children among whom he has selectively established friendships. These beautiful siblings experienced instability while living with their family of origin and their mother is known to abuse alcohol. All the children closely attached to one another and have a favorable view of adoption. UPDATE April 2021: Our in-country representative visited these siblings and reports that they are positive, well-behaved, and loving children. Acacia, Arden, and Cosmo’s history is one of instability and hardship. They remember their years living in their family or origin and speak of being cold, hungry, and often left alone for days. Acacia as the oldest took on a mothering role for her younger siblings while they endured this neglect as well as physical abuse. Acacia continues to feel a great responsibility for her brother and sister and expects them to behave well which can occasionally cause conflict between them. Openhearted and caring ACACIA presently attends seventh grade and does well in school despite having had to learn the dominant language of her country at a later age. Her favorite subjects are history and gym, and she is also working very hard in her English as a Foreign Language class. Acacia likes to go for walks with her friends, watch TV, and listen to music. She helps around the group home and respects the curfews. Acacia dreams of becoming a social worker. ARDEN is a friendly fifth grader who recalls how difficult it was to learn to read at age 10. Nonetheless, she now enjoys it along with singing, listening to music, playing outdoors, and watching cartoons. She is quite a good cook, too. Arden is self-admittedly bossy and hopes to own and ride a motorcycle when she grows up. COSMO is a respectful and charming boy who currently attends third grade. His favorite subjects are math and gym. He likes to play tag, read, and watch cartoons. He knows how to swim and ride a bike. Cosmo assists with the cooking at the group home and may want to be a chef when he grows up. When asked about his dream, without hesitation Cosmo asked for a family… and maybe a skateboard. These wonderful siblings have immense potential to thrive in a dedicated forever family and are eagerly waiting to be adopted.
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