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Briony from European Union



from European Union

Briony was born in June 2005 and is a healthy, typically developing teen. An I-800A would have to be filed prior to her 16th birthday this summer to allow her to be adopted to the US. A family with a complete or nearly complete home study is preferred. A calm and balanced girl, Briony is a good communicator who presents her thoughts and feelings appropriately and with confidence. Her self-assessment is realistic. Briony attends a mainstream school where she receives very good grades across the curriculum. Her favorite subjects are language/literature, geography, and technology. She is able to rationalize, synthesize, and analyze information and make decisions in a variety of situations. Briony has been living in the same foster family since May 2016. Her foster parents and social worker have spoken with her on many occasions about the temporary nature of foster care and her long-term prospects. Nonetheless, Briony is fearful and uncertain regarding international adoption and at this time may not agree to be adopted.
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