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Falco from European Union



from European Union

Falco was born prematurely, at about 27 weeks, from an IVF twin pregnancy in October 2017. He had a very difficult neonatal period. At this time, Falco is diagnosed with internal obstructive hydrocephalus for which a shunt has been placed, spastic cerebral palsy, retinopathy of prematurity, which is reversing, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss for which he wears a hearing aid. He is followed by Neurology and Ophthalmology and receives regular physical therapy where he continues to make good progress. Falco sits unassisted, crawls, cruises, walks when held by one hand, and transfers toys between his hands. He drinks from a cup, is spoon-fed, and can chew soft solids like cookies and pretzels. Falco has been gaining weight steadily. This calm little boy babbles sounds and sound combinations and loves musical toys. He seeks the attention of adults, laughs when teased, likes to cuddle, and enjoys when someone sings to him. Falco will require long-term medical monitoring and treatment as well as multiple interventions to help him reach his potential. He’s looking for a family that will love him and provide for his complex needs.
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