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JULIET from European Union



from European Union

Juliet was born in June 2007 and is a healthy, typically developing teen. After living in eight different settings throughout her life, Juliet is described as a child who deeply wishes to be loved and to belong. The staff at the group home where Juliet currently resides speak very highly of her and her potential. Juliet interacts easily with people of all ages and is able to express her emotions appropriately. She likes riding her bike, listening to music, cooking, all things Tik-Tok, and drawing for which she has a special talent. Juliet needs occasional reminders to clean her room and fulfill household chores around the group home. An artistic and creative girl, Juliet does well in school and receives good grades. She is a diligent student, and her favorite subjects are art, chemistry, and English as a foreign language. She invests particular effort in the latter as she realizes it may be helpful to her in the future. Juliet receives extra-curricular tutoring in math and language arts as those subjects are a little more challenging for her. She dreams of attending college. Juliet is eager to be adopted and stated that she is a quick learner and not afraid of a new language, of living abroad, or other changes. She is looking forward to having siblings and pets, but is open to other scenarios, too. Juliet realizes that even though a forever family won’t be perfect, it will be hers permanently. She understands what her future will look like if not adopted and is highly motivated to find and succeed in a new family. She insists that having a family of her own is a dream on which she will never give up.
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