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Konstantina from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Vasili and Konstantina were born in February 2006 and September 2008, respectively. They lived with their family of origin until November 2014. Both are physically healthy, but struggle with the effects of developmental trauma. Vasili has been diagnosed with a mild cognitive disability and has difficulty with his academic work. Konstantina has been diagnosed with mixed disorder of the scholastic skills. These siblings can be adopted as single children, however, due to Vasili’s impending 16th birthday, this option is not viable for him. He can be adopted together with his sister until he turns 18. VASILI is a calm and quiet teen who does not like to enter into direct conflicts. He is socially and emotionally immature, preferring to interact with younger children and play with toys intended for a younger age range. Vasili attends school where his results are fair. He requires intervention services for math and reading. Vasili speaks well and makes eye contact with peers and adults. He is not always able to express his own emotions nor to maintain appropriate distance from others. He likes watching TV, playing on the computer, active games such as tag or hide and seek, and puzzles. KONSTANTINA is an emotionally volatile girl who seeks to be the center of attention and shows jealousy when she is not. She communicates well, especially with adults, but is often manipulative and confrontational. Her academic work tends to be chaotic, but in areas of interest, such as art and music, she can perform very well. Konstantina had taken on a parental role with her siblings and continues to show a desire for mothering and caretaking which can be partially satisfied through playing with dolls and assistance with food preparation in the group home. Due to a number of challenging behaviors, Konstantina has been evaluated by a psychiatrist. She likes roller skating, outdoor group games, and watching TV. These siblings were recently separated from their younger sisters who have been adopted by a European family. The family is happy to connect with prospective adoptive parents and share what they know about Vasili and Konstantina. A family considering these children must be prepared to address their significant academic gaps as well as the effects of the neglect and loss they suffered in their lives.
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