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Lee from European Union



from European Union

Siblings Jenna, Lee, Lex, Jovie & Jocelyn were born in January 2009, July 2010, August 2011, February 2013, and June 2014, respectively, and are physically healthy. With the exception of Lex, the children are typically developing. Lex has been diagnosed with an unspecified adaptation disorder and cognitive delays. These siblings were placed into state care in February 2019 and have not had contact with their parents since. They lived in poor and neglectful conditions prior to being removed from their family of origin. Currently, the girls and Lee reside together at the same group home, but Lex was moved to a different facility that can better address his needs. Confident JENNA is respectful toward adults, follows the rules of the group home, and has many friends. She has a purposeful imagination that she applies to a variety of activities, including joint games in which she gladly participates. Jenna enjoys drawing and playing volleyball. She is thinking of becoming a hair stylist and would like to begin experimenting with make-up. A 6th grader in the 2021/22 school year, LEE is an active preteen who likes playing various group games and sports, especially soccer. He does not do well with virtual education during the pandemic and is generally not motivated for his academic work. Lee interacts appropriately with peers and adults and is very attached to his sisters. His favorite food is pizza, and he would like to work in law enforcement when he grows up. LEX shows many symptoms of developmental trauma and the specialists who work with him believe that most of his challenges stem from prolonged social and academic neglect and deprivation. Lex is an anxious and insecure boy who must feel safe first to be at his best. His expressive speech is immature and difficult to understand and he self-isolates as a form of survival. His emotions are volatile, and he does not always comprehend or follow proper social behavior. Lex is currently in 4th grade where he works with a resource teacher, however traditional styles of academic instruction have proven ineffective for Lex, and he appears to be studying at a Kindergarten level. JOVIE is a calm and disciplined second grader. She sets aside time to study and enjoys story games. She is interested in developing her skills as a runner into a career and likes playing with dolls and spending time with pets, particularly dogs. As the adorable youngest of the group, JOCELYN sometimes gets away with things, but is an overall good child who easily interacts with everyone she knows. She is in the first grade where she shows a desire to acquire new skills and knowledge. She likes playing with teddy bears and baby dolls. Even though there are not a lot of details regarding this group’s social history, an adoptive family should be prepared for all five children to show the effects of trauma from the years in their family of origin. All siblings have incidents of bedwetting for which they take medication. None show aggression or angry outbursts. The children are closely connected to one another and exhibit typical sibling rivalries as well as squabbles. They are also helpful and encouraging toward each other and the younger four look to Jenna as a kind of mother hen. We are looking for experienced parents who can offer these children love, stability, and the resources they need to develop their personal interests and strengths. A family should also expect that professional intervention will be needed academically, due to educational gaps, and emotionally to support the children’s mental health.
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