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Luca from European Union



from European Union

Luca was born in October 2005. While he is an overall healthy teen, his development is delayed, and he presents with stuttering and minor tics. He has been living in his current foster family since October 2017. Update June 2021: Even though Luca currently receives great care at his foster home, he does wish to find a permanent family and be adopted. Luca’s development is delayed by about two years which his psychologist believes was caused by early childhood negligence. Right now, Luca is making fast progress in catching up to peers. He receives good grades in school and shows a vivid imagination. While Luca has many friends and likes to play soccer and study together, he also enjoys time alone to watch TV, play video games, read and write books, as well as to think and dream. He is very interested in history, Greek mythology, and martial arts. Having been bitten many times and consequently fearful, Luca may not be a good fit for a family that has dogs. This calm and positive teen will age out in just four short months, so a home study ready family is most likely to succeed in pursuing his adoption. April 2021: Despite multiple challenges when he entered state care, Luca has been showing steady improvement in a variety of skills. His gross and fine motor development is on target and he now presents with more steady focus and a longer attention span, more stable memory, a growing imagination, and better intellectual functioning. The latter is evidenced by increasing IQ scores obtained via formal assessments. At this time, he meets the state educational standards, showing new skills and knowledge in all subject areas. Now a calm and confident teen, Luca has learned to control his emotions and rarely shows aggression. He communicates easily with peers among whom he is well-liked and with adults to whom he is respectful and polite. Luca has a history of instability from his years in his family of origin as well as multiple placements in state care. Nonetheless, he has a positive view of adoption and hopes for a permanent family. Luca ages out in less than six months, so we are looking for a family that is home-study ready or can quickly complete the home study process.
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