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RALFIE from European Union



from European Union

Ralfie is a healthy, typically developing boy born in September 2009. He has been diagnosed with mild pulmonary valve stenosis, for which he is followed by Cardiology. He also has a benign bone cyst on his left tibia, currently not affecting his mobility or causing any pain. Ralfie was previously listed for adoption along with his older brother who has since aged out of eligibility. A self-described happy and forgiving person, Ralfie communicates with ease and shares his thoughts and feelings. He is calm, confident, and generally respectful toward others and follows the rules in all settings. Ralfie has a positive self-image and believes that he can cope with all daily challenges. He consistently seeks emotional proximity and warmth from the adults in his life. Ralfie is an average student with appropriate attention to task and a strong memory as well as logical and analytical thinking. During the 2021/22 school year he is in 6th grade where his favorite subject is music. He has many friends and gladly participates in games and joint activities as well as chores and cooking at the group home. Ralfie likes spending time outdoors, drawing, and watching scary movies. He also plays on his tablet and is interested in music and dance. Ralfie continues to have relationships with his older brother and sister as well as his parents, but the extent and depth of those relationships are unclear. One report states that Ralfie enjoys his mother’s visits and shows attachment and care for her and that he hopes to be reintegrated to his family of origin one day. According to another report, Ralfie’s contact with biological relatives is primarily by phone and infrequent. Ralfie remembers being loved in his family and misses everyone. He understands the concept of adoption and is open to joining a family in another country. He would like to live in a house with parents who give him time and attention and the opportunity to improve his life.
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