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RUE from European Union



from European Union

Ridge and Rue were born in April 2006 and April 2009, respectively. They lived with their birth family until 2016 and have since resided in a group home. Rue is a healthy preteen, but Ridge has been diagnosed with mixed behavioral and emotional disorder for which he takes medication. As an infant, Ridge was diagnosed with hemophilic meningitis, after the successful treatment of which, it was discovered that he had hydrocephalus. A shunt was placed in January 2007. Ridge and Rue were born into a large extended family of an ethnic minority and due to living in a small town they continue to have coincidental contact with their presumed biological father. They remain in loose touch with other relatives, but their mother has disappeared. RUE is a calm, independent, and obedient preteen who excels at school. She attends her classes regularly and presents as an observant, focused student who can easily solve problems and manage the academic material. In her spare time Rue reads a lot of books from the community library, listens to music, and plays computer games. While she gets along well with both peers and adults, she does not always wish to participate in group activities. Rue struggles with the separation from her mother which causes her internal conflict that can manifest in challenging behaviors from time to time. Rue wishes to be adopted but will not agree to be placed without her older brother. RIDGE is an introverted teen and prone to withdrawal. He struggles with episodes of anxiety and can often appear indifferent. As an 8th grade student at a professional high school where he receives support from a resource teacher, he works slowly, shows poor focus, and tires quickly when academic demands are presented. Ridge is not well motivated for his school work and often skips classes. He is very focused on his own primary needs, such as security and clothing, and seeks activities that can benefit him personally and materially. He does not want to perform tasks that do not adhere to those ends and is even known to steal and beg from time to time. Ridge struggles emotionally and oscillates between wanting to return to his family of origin and considering adoption as a positive option. He enjoys computer games and soccer. A family interested in adopting these closely bonded siblings should be prepared and experienced in meeting the needs of children with complex developmental trauma as well as histories of physical and psychological abuse.
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