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Salima from European Union



from European Union

Salima was born in September 2018 with low birth weight and neonatal polycythemia. At about four months of age, she was urgently admitted to the hospital with hemorrhagic shock, acute encephalopathy, and multiple organ dysfunction. She has had multiple hospitalizations since then and has been diagnosed with residual right-sided hemiparesis, symptomatic epilepsy, reduction deformities of the brain, microcephaly, and infantile cerebral palsy. Her development is significantly delayed. Salima entered state care in March 2019. Salima rolls from belly to back and vice versa and sits independently. She reaches for and holds toys. Salima sleeps well and eats from a spoon with good appetite. She pays attention to the happenings in her environment and watches the play of other children. Salima produces vowel sounds, tracks objects with her eyes, and reaches out her hand to say hello. Salima is an emotionally responsive child who smiles socially and seeks one-on-one attention. She likes playing with rustling textures, rattles, and musical toys. She appears to have a preference for certain melodies and rejoices at the sound of them.
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