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SASKIA from European Union



from European Union

Saskia was born in November 2007 and is considered physically healthy with mild cognitive and moderate scholastic delays believed to be caused by social negligence and by not attending school in earlier years. Saskia lived with her mother until 2013 and then with her grandfather until his death in 2017 at which time she was taken into state care. She is a calm, introverted child who can be shy with those she does not know well, but who yearns for emotional closeness with others like she experienced with her grandfather. She dreams of being in a big multi-generational family, having a dog as she used to, and her own pink bedroom. Update December 2020: Saskia is doing well and remains a shy, modest, and quiet girl who often keeps her feelings to herself. She continues to receive support to help her talk about her experiences, including the rejection and neglect she faced while living with her mother. Saskia is described as a kind and sensitive introvert whose cognitive development and functioning are a bit slower than her peers’. She regularly and eagerly attends 7th grade where she receives some academic intervention, gladly completes assignments, and follows the rules. Saskia has formed friendships with classmates and shows tenderness toward younger children. Saskia’s hopes and dreams primarily center around adoption as she wishes to experience the love, care and protection of a family to whom she will be important. The loss of her beloved grandfather still weighs heavily on her and only a devoted forever family is expected to be able to fill this void. 2019: Saskia is beginning sixth grade in the 2019/20 school year. She works with a resource teacher to help her address challenges with focus, comprehension, perception, memorization and retention of information. She can read and write and perform simple math. Saskia has regular attendance and behaves well in class. She has friends both at school and in her group home with whom she tends to be most open and trusting. While Saskia typically prefers to be surrounded by others, she sometimes needs time alone to process her thoughts and feelings, after which she is usually able to talk about them. Saskia still misses her grandfather as well as her siblings whose legal relationship with her has been terminated. She will need proper personal and professional support to address the multiple traumatic experiences of her childhood. Saskia likes drawing, solving puzzles, listening to music, watching TV soap operas, playing on the computer and playing with her friends. She would blossom with the love of a tender, patient, understanding family.
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