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Tamar from European Union



from European Union

Tamar was born in July 2008 and after eight years of neglectful conditions in her family of origin, she was placed into a foster home in May 2016. Tamar is healthy but has mild developmental delays. Tamar is a very shy and somewhat introverted girl who prefers small groups. Nonetheless, she has good friends with whom she spends time. She also likes riding her bike, being outdoors, watching TV and checking out TikTok videos. Tamar gets along well with others and has a positive attitude in relationships with people she knows. Tamar’s main delays are academic, and she gets quickly exhausted and slows during cognitively challenging tasks. She struggles to communicate for educational purposes because her vocabulary is lacking. However, she can easily lead casual dialogues with adults and peers alike. Tamar’s current foster parents are elderly and are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the needs and typical boundary-pushing of a preteen. They also struggle to provide her with the proper social interactions and opportunities to discover her strengths and likes. Therefore, social services is considering a new placement for Tamar, but they believe that adoption into a permanent loving family would be her best option. Tamar herself is very attached to her foster family and finds it difficult to picture herself with anyone else. Nonetheless, she stated that she would welcome a letter from a family interested in adopting her.
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