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Bianca from Florida



from Florida

Bianca and Beale are a strong sister team ready to take on this new chapter of their life. Bianca is a girl that can be described as very nice and helpful. She can be shy at first but easily opens up when she gets comfortable with the person. Bianca can be motherly at times and protective of her younger siblings .She is into teenage trends that kids her age are interested in such as tik tok and social media. She does well in school and is sociable around kids her age. Breale is a girl that can be described as very loving and respectful. She is very smart and adjusts well to changing environments. At first the child can be a little shy, but opens up once she becomes comfortable. She is the sweetest kid and is always willing to help others. She is well bonded with her older sister. These sisters are always there for each other with a strong bond.
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