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BRAYDEN from Florida



from Florida

Meet Brayden! Brayden is a smart, multi racial child with strong communication skills. He is described as a smart, sweet kid. Brayden is looking for a family who loves to be outdoors. He loves "sports, all sports. I like playing sports, thinking about sports, and talking about sports." He loves to "roam" and explore when he is in a new area. He loves to exercise and be fit. Brayden would love to have parents who enjoy exercising with him especially "a good jog around the neighborhood in the morning before school. Brayden does enjoy boats and fishing, but he doesn't like to be in the water. Education is very important to Brayden and he is looking for parents who "will stay on me about my grades. I don't want parents who are just going to give up if my grades slip". Brayden enjoys attending church and being involved in church groups, but doesn't feel he is significantly religious. He loves listening to music and finds this is a good way for him to spend time with himself. Brayden also does like to play video games "at night, after the sun goes down", otherwise he prefers being outside doing an outdoor activity. He likes pets of all kinds other than cats and he likes to read James Patterson books. Brayden has a great deal of potential and a lot of personality! Brayden needs to be the youngest or only child in the home.
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