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Catrine from Florida



from Florida

Meet Catrine, a lively and energetic young lady. She enjoys laughing, shopping, and cooking. Catrine is interested in fashion and likes to perform in her drama class. Catrine is always interested in learning and takes special interest in gaining independent living skills. Catrine is ambitious and has several goals for her future.Catrine excels in school, is a member of the drama club, and likes to dance. She likes her school and is excelling academically. Catrine has made several friends at school and enjoys spending time with them. Catrine really enjoys the drama program at her school, and acting is a big part of her life. She is patient and willing to participate in activities with her foster siblings. Catrine also has a positive relationship with the adults in her life. She is willing to receive help from others and is respectful. Ideally, Catrine needs to belong to a family that is able to show love, affection, and acceptance. It is equally important that she feels safe in her forever home. A home with these characteristics will help Catrine to blossom. Catrine enjoys spending time with those important to her, therefore, a family that spends time together is important as well as a family that will encourage her interests and talents.

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