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DAQUAN from Florida



from Florida

Daquan is described as a "mellow", "go with the flow" teenager. He is generally well behaved and polite. He usually does well in school but because he missed the last part of school last year he is in a special magnet school program this year to help him catch up. Daquan loves basketball. He also likes about anything outdoors. He has in interest in figuring out how things work and he has taken apart several bicycles but is still working on how to put them back together again! Daquan needs a very special adoptive family where he can be an only or youngest child. He also wants a family that will support his continuing contact with his sister who is being adopted separately. Daquan is a very likeable young man who needs a family who will accept him for who he is and all he has been through and who will help him grow to be the successful man has the ability to become.