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ELIJAH from Florida



from Florida

Elijah is a very handsome and friendly young man. He is describes as very energetic, caring, and helpful. He enjoys helping adults and is very responsible. Elijah does well in social settings and enjoys having fun and keeping busy. He enjoys doing various outdoors activities like riding his bike and playing sports. He also enjoys indoor activities like playing video games with his peers and board games with adults like chess and checkers. If Elijah becomes focus on something of concern to him, he may take some time to calm down and usually needs adult intervention to return to his usual self. Nevertheless, Elijah does listen and accepts verbal redirection from authority figures and his caregivers. Elijah enjoys school and is on target academically; but he does need assistance in staying focused. Elijah is not sure what he wants to be when he leaves school; but Elijah enjoys Science and learning about Space. Perhaps a career in astronomy would be best suited for this young man. Elijah would like to be in a traditional home with a mother, father, and where his parents are very active and keep busy with various activities. He would do well with parents who are firm and consistent but also likes to have fun too and will do things with him also. Elijah has older siblings who he wants to remain connected too and this is very important to him. Elijah really needs stability and a family to call his own. He needs parents who will be patient, provide guidance, structure and encouragement, and set boundaries and structure; to motivate Elijah to be the best he can be! Elijah would make a great addition to any family. Are you the right family for this friendly and lovable child? If so, he is waiting for your call!