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Jenkavia from Florida



from Florida

Jenkavia is a beautiful girl who is friendly and outgoing. Jenkavia makes friends easily; is energetic and fun to be around. She is very athletic and participates in different sports to include Track and Field, Football and Basketball. Jenkavia is very focused on her athletics and wants to go to college to study physical therapy to assist athletes when they get injured. Jenkavia loves fashion and styling hair, specifically cutting hair. Jenkavia is an average student who is really interested in History and finding out where Jenkavia is polite and respectful, and does not like it when others disrespect her. Jenkavia needs parents that will be patient, loving, and nurturing. "I want someone who will be supportive of my games, someone to talk to - someone who loves me for me," says Jenkavia. It should also be noted that Jenkavia has a younger sister with whom she wants to maintain contact with. This young lady just wants to be loved unconditionally and accepted for who she is in a forever home. If you are that family, call today!