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Jonas from Florida



from Florida

Diana, Charles, James, and Jonas are a sibling group desiring a family who can add to their strong unit. Diana is the eldest and only female of the group. She describes herself as active and adventurous. Diana enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. She desires to enter the law enforcement field as she likes helping others. Charles is the second eldest of the sibling group. Charles describes himself as strong, energetic, and athletic. He enjoys a variety of outdoor sports, however football and soccer are his favorites. Charles desires to attend college when he graduates high school and major in mechanics. James is the third eldest of the group. He enjoys outdoor activities such as riding his bike and football. He also loves animals. James is uncertain as to what he would like to be when he grows but he envisions himself being successful. Jonas is the youngest child of the sibling group. Jonas describes himself as faithful, kind, and shy. Jonas enjoys playing games on interactive gaming systems, running, and playing on his scooter. He also desires to work in the law enforcement field when he grows up. Each of the children have diverse personalities, but all desire a family or individual that has the ability to broaden their horizon and restore their faith in the family unit. All the children desire to belong to a family and are looking for a family or individual that is willing and able to demonstrate unconditional love and kindness to each child.