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Joseph from Florida



from Florida

Joseph is a sweetheart. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a tan complexion. His personality is described as bright and engaging. He is very likeable and has a ton of self-confidence. Joseph is a happy and outgoing kid who loves to play video games and go outside. His favorite game by far is Fortnite. In his free time, Joseph likes to go fishing or watch football. He also enjoys going to the pool or beach and he loves watching superhero movies on weekends. When Joseph grows up, he wants to be a police officer! In school, Joseph said his favorite subjects are math, science and art. Some of his hobbies include drawing and cooking. For food, Joseph likes to eat ice cream and pizza, but no sushi please! His favorite color is red. Joseph's favorite holidays are Christmas and his Birthday. He is not a fan of being startled. Joseph is able to form attachments. He gets along well with everyone especially adults. Joseph gets along with children unless he is challenged or confronted where he goes into defense mode. Joseph plays well independently. He struggles with accepting limits and boundaries. For discipline, he responds best to rewards, consequences and withholding of privileges. Joseph describes his ideal forever family as nice, loving and have a dog! He says cats are cool but dogs are preferred!
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