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J'TWAIN from Florida



from Florida

J'Twain is a smart, tech-savvy boy who likes to make people laugh. He enjoys the unconditional love and playful nature of dogs. If you really want to make J'Twain happy, give him some Dairy Queen ice cream! Though he has a weakness for ice cream, he does want to learn how to eat and cook more healthy. He can often be found on the computer or phone but also loves to play on the football team, swim and throw the ball in the yard. He has high ambitions and hopes to grow up to be "the next big thing". Although his heroes are tech leaders like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, his real-life heroes will be parents who can will focus on him and include him in fun activities. His ideal family would be active, patient and kind. J'Twain's brothers and sisters are very important to him and he is looking for a family who will support her relationship with his siblings.
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